Improve your healthcare workflow with an easy-to-use speciality EMR

Metinets EMR is a cloud-based software that is fully customizable for different specialities, affordable, and allows physicians to provide a better quality of care.

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Unifying Experience

Metinets EMR is flexible, scalable, and supports Pediatricians and Family Practitioners.
Our EMR software can boost productivity, efficiency and integrates with a Telemedicine HIPAA compliance platform, Drug Interaction Checker, and an SMS gateway.

Data security

Cloud-based Electronic Medical Records

Metinets EMR is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform hosted in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure HIPAA compliant Data Centers. Metinets meet best practices and industry standards for data security and preservation to protect patient's data.




Why choose Metinets EMR?

We understand the challenges that physicians face allowing you to focus more on your patients than administration. Our EMR was built from the ground up to meet your specific needs at an affordable monthly subscription.

Support Team

Top tier support team

We are always here to help you answer your questions via email,
phone, live chat, or helpdesk. Our experts will get you up and
running with one-to-one attention right from the start.
You'll get implementation, training, and ongoing customer support
at no additional cost.

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Exactly what you need in an EMR

Discover why physicians use our platform to manage their practice more effectively.

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Growth Charts

Easily graph a pediatric patient's growth using WHO and CDC guidelines.



Reception can manage schedules effectively, reducing valuable administration time.



Track the patient's immunization
record as well as your remaining inventory of vaccines.

patient portal

Patient Portal

Improve communication between physicians and patients. Increase patient satisfaction and retention rates.



Transmit prescriptions instantly and keep track of the patient's medication history.

medical records

Medical Records

Easily access patient health records, search medical and treatment history. Record SOAP notes for each encounter.



Conduct patient visits virtually and document from wherever you are.



Streamline the billing process while keeping track of your revenue.

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